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Swartz Property Management was established to give a very personalized approach to our client's properties. As property owners ourselves we know how to manage the property by protecting the future of the asset with quality care, excellent tenant retention and of course by being profitable.

Our goal is to constantly enhance the value of the property through good maintenance techniques and careful tenant selection and mix. We are not interested in being the biggest property management company but in being the best property management company.

  1. When selecting a property management company find out who will be assigned your account? The experience person looking at it initially or a relatively inexperienced employee once your account is “landed”.
  2. Does the person managing your property own any property of their own?
  3. What is the experience of the property manager?
  4. Is your goal for immediate cash flow or are you interested in long term appreciation?
  5. Are you looking to sell the property quickly or are you keeping it for the mid or long haul.
  6. Are you able to see reports on how your property is doing financially at any time or do you need to wait for 1 or 2 months until the financials are completed?
  7. Are your tenants happy or are there constant complaints and problems at the property? Is anybody having personal contact with them on a regular basis?
  8. How is your financing on the property? Is it an old loan at rather high interest rates? Is it a variable that is continually going up? Perhaps it's time to evaluate the possibility of refinancing with a fixed rate loan.
  9. Do you have an exit plan for the property? Should it be short term or long term? Are you getting a good enough return on your equity?
  10. If you manage your property yourself are you still happy with that situation? Are you prohibited from taking long vacations because of the property? Would you like to retire, keep the property but not the headaches? Are you just tired of managing properties?

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